What is Inclusive Environment Image

Concept of "Inclusive Environment" keeps the diversity and uniqueness of each individual in mind. Therefore, it is important to involve elderly, children and persons with disabilities in the design process. Inclusive design considers as many people’s needs and abilities as possible.

Good design can be achieved only if the environment created meets as many people’s needs as possible. Everyone at some point will probably experience limited mobility - as a person with injuries, muscular weakness, pregnant woman, mother with infants in prams, travelers with luggage or elderly people. It is important to identify barriers to inclusion as early as possible within the design process so that good design can overcome them. Inclusive design considers the diversity of people and should not impose disabling barriers. While the needs of wheelchair users and mobility impaired people are important it is also important to understand the barriers experienced by people with persons with low vision or hearing impairments, ageing population, persons having intellectual and developmental disabilities or those with mental health issues.