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Svayam Accessibility Awards 2018 (Taiwan Edition) - Winner's List

New Delhi | 14th Nov 2018

We are extremely happy to share that on the basis of recommendations of the Board of Jury, following organisations are being selected for bestowing the "Svayam Accessibility Awards 2018 (Taiwan Edition)" in different categories.


1. Institute of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Taiwan
2. The Bureau of Transportation, Taichung City Government, Taiwan


1. North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC, Taiwan


a) Best Practice (Accessible Transport): Bureau of Transportation, Tainan City Government, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
b) Best Practice (Accessible Hospitality): Our City Love Social Enterprise Co., Ltd., Taiwan
c) Best Practice (Comprehensive rehabilitation & accessibility services for Persons with Disabilities): Eden Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan
d) Best Practice [Accessible Transport (Taxi service)]-Joint Award to The Yulon Group, Taiwan and the OurCityLove Social Enterprise, Taiwan
e) Best Practice (Rehabilitation of People with Intellectual Disabilities): Children Are Us Social Welfare Foundation, Taiwan

Details of the Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will be held on the sidelines of the 15th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for the Elderly and the Disabled Persons (TRANSED2018, Taipei), as per the following details:

Venue:   Banquet Hall, Taipei International Convention Centre (TICC) 1 Hsin-Yi Road, Section 5,Taipei 11049,Taiwan (ROC)

Date & Time:   14th November, 6 PM - 8 PM

Heartiest congratulations to all the Winners and we hope this award becomes another milestone to renew our commitments to achieve a better, liveable, sustainable and inclusive world for all of us!

Call for Nominations from Taiwan: Svayam Accessibility Awards 2018

Call for Nominations invited from Taiwan | 報名/提名邀請 – 臺灣

Applications in prescribed format are invited for the forthcoming "Svayam Accessibility Awards 2018" from agencies/ organisations based in Taiwan or have proven accessibility projects implemented in the territory of Taiwan on the thematic areas. The award ceremony will coincide with the 15th International conference on Mobility and Transport for the Elderly and the Disabled Persons (TRANSED2018, Taipei), scheduled to be held during 12-15 November 2018 at Taipei, Taiwan. [ 2018年Svayam無障礙獎之主辦單位邀請臺灣當地的機關組織,或是有無障礙計畫方案在臺灣執行的機關組織報名/提名。頒獎典禮將會在2018年11月12-15日於臺灣臺北所主辦的第15屆長者及身心障礙者交通與運輸服務國際大會(TRANSED 2018)中舉行。]

Closing date for receipt of applications/nominations [報名/提名截止日期]:

All applications in the prescribed proforma must reach by email before the closing date i.e. 21 September 2018 (before Mid Night 2359 hours Indian Standard Time). Nominations by Post / Courier, though not barred, are definitely discouraged to save papers and time. If you are more comfortable with postal, you are requested to keep a sufficient allowance of time so that the post reaches well clear of the closing date. Entries received after the closing date may not be considered. Applications may be addressed to [所有報名/提名者皆需在2018年9月15日(印度標準時間晚上23:59分)前以電子郵件進行申請。若需要以書面郵寄方式申請,請預留郵件有效送達時間,逾時申請將不予受理。報名/提名申請表請寄至以下通訊電郵及地址] :-

The Chief Coordinator
Svayam Accessibility Awards 2018
C/o Svayam
Jindal Centre, 12, Bhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi - 110066, India
Phone: +91-11-41462323, 41462080
Email: &

Note: The nomination for the award can also be filed by a non-applicant i.e. one who is not bidding for the award for itself. However, it should be with the written consent of the organization being nominated that in the event of their selection for the award, they would accept the award and attend the Award Ceremony. [備註:此獎項申請亦可由提名者直接填寫,然必須附上書面信函,說明若入選獲獎,被提名者將會出席受獎及參與頒獎典禮。]

General Conditions [條款總則]

Applicant/ Nominee Organization must meet the following general criteria and agree to the general conditions for applying for awards [申請/被提名的機關組織必須符合並同意以下條件]:

  • Applicant/Nominee Organization must be based in Taiwan and the nominated work/ project should be based in Taiwan. Multi-national or foreign organizations may also apply for the award for their projects based in Taiwan. Nominators other than applicant can be from any country, however, the project based in Taiwan shall only be considered for the award. [2018年獎項的申請/被提名之機關組織,必須是臺灣的機關組織且方案執行地是在臺灣。若國際機關組織或是非臺灣之機關組織欲參加此獎項徵選,其參選方案的執行地必須是臺灣。]
  • Applicant /nominee organization provides services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities & those with reduced mobility.[申請/被提名的機關組織尊重身心障礙者或行動受限者之尊嚴與獨立性。]
  • Applicant/nominee organization is an Equal Opportunity Organization i.e. it provides an opportunity equal to what is given to others, to obtain, use and benefit from the products or services to persons with disabilities/ person with reduced mobility. [申請/被提名的機關組織是具備平等機會之機關組織。機關組織在各項供應、接受、使用,以及產品/服務的受益提供等,提供身心障礙者或行動受限者平等的機會。]
  • Applicant/nominee organization has shown consistent leadership in advancing access to transportation or in providing information and communication support to persons with disabilities. [申請/被提名的機關組織在推展無障礙交通或無障礙資訊及通訊支持方面發揮一貫的領導作用。]
  • In case of Built Environment: applicant /nominee organization has renovated / designed a building, interior, exterior or outdoor space to eliminate barriers and/or enhance access for persons with disabilities/ persons with reduced mobility. [申請/被提名的機關組織在硬體環境方面,不論室內或戶外空間,皆考量身心障礙或行動受限者的需求而使用無障礙設計。]
  • In case of Employment: the applicant /nominee organization, business and/or individual has provided meaningful employment opportunities and demonstrated flexible and respectful integration of people with disabilities into their workforce. [申請/被提名的機關組織在就業方面,提供適切的彈性與尊重,為身心障礙或行動受限者提供一個共融的職場。]
  • Testimonials/ supporting documents- Applicant organizations/ Nominators should submit additional information including letters of support, testimonials, photographs, architectural drawings, Links to the videos, online reports/articles/ publications etc.[輔助/證明文件–報名/被提名的機關組織申請時可提供輔助/證明文件,包括:推薦信、使用實況、照片、建築設計圖、影片連結、即時報告/文章/出版品等。]
  • Language for application/ nominations shall remain ENGLISH only. All supporting documents if in any other language than English, a self-certified translated version in English language must be submitted.[語言使用–所有申請/提名資料需以英文填寫,所有輔助證明文件,若非為英文文件,則需提供英文翻譯。]
  • Svayam reserves its right to amend the award criteria, change the category of any application, reject the proposals, and cancel/postpone the award. [Svayam自主身心障礙組織將保留一切規則修改、項目分類修改、拒絕申請、取消或更動頒獎時間的權利。]
  • By submitting the award entry, the applicant organization authorizes Svayam to use the submitted information for raising awareness on accessibility, universal design, inclusive mobility and transportation or its promotional campaigns. [通過提交申請,申請機構授權Svayam自主身心障礙組織使用所繳交的資訊提高對無障礙、通用設計、融合交通運輸或其宣傳活動之認識。]

Application /Nomination Formats [報名/提名申請表]

Forms may be downloaded from below hyperlinks (Google Documents) [請點選下列連結進行表格下載] :-