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Access Consultancy & Audits

Infrastructure is being developed at a massive pace through out the country both in public and private arenas. However, there is little awareness on the need and comforts of Accessible & Inclusive environments which enables all and the legal mandate behind it.

Access Audit

Access Audit is a process through which an existing property/building/service is evaluated from the lenses of Accessibility and highlights the barriers and recommends site specific solutions to make the service/property accessible. Audit report also suggests possible vendors from where you could source the material/equipment that may be needed to make your property accessible.

Legal Mandate

The mandatory and binding provisions of accessibility in public infrastructure are made under The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act-1995, National Policy on Persons with Disabilities, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability-2007, National Building Code 2005 as well as Model Building Code in force.

Svayam offers Access consultancy for not only existing infrastructure both external and internal, it also hand holds the process of execution to ensure that the end product adheres to the access standards and benefits the users.

Onsite Access Audit

Properties which need upgrading to ensure accessibility for all users can be of any age. Whether it is an old building with numerous internal level changes, narrow corridors and doors, or a new building which was not designed keeping accessibility for disabled users in mind or even a building in the planning stage. All buildings tend to have some in-built barriers to access which can be addressed by carrying out an access audit of the same.

All audits are based on the consultant identifying potential barriers whilst following a logical approach to the usability of the building and surrounding environment. e.g
  • External environment
  • Approach routes to property
  • Surfaces of approach routes
  • Street furniture
  • Signage to property
  • Location and type of parking provisions
  • Entrances to the property
  • External steps and ramps
  • Entrance doors and thresholds
  • Reception areas including desks/counters, signage, waiting area and lighting
  • Movement around the property
  • Width of corridors, doors etc
  • Wall & Floor finishes
  • Direction/information signage
  • Assembly areas /Back Office areas
  • Internal steps, stairs & lifts
  • WC provisions
  • Hospitality/refreshment provisions
  • Lighting, and acoustics
  • Accessibility of switches, handles and controls
  • Seating and furniture
  • Telephones
  • Means of Escape/Emergency Exits
  • Building Management Provisions
  • General facilities

For properties that are essentially accessible, it may be that the fixtures and fittings are inappropriate, in such cases 'Onsite Access Audit' can be used to identify solutions to improve the usability & visitability of the building.

In some cases it may not be reasonable or practical to adapt a property to permit access to all impaired visitors and in such cases this will be highlighted and appropriate action included within the recommendations.

The audit report can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on client’s needs. Specifically the type of audit and style of report that best serves your organization's needs and this would be agreed during our initial consultation.

Greenfield Projects

Svayam also provides consultancy for Greenfield projects to ensure that the projects are inclusive at the stage of the drawing board stage itself.

To get your premises, building or plans access audited, get in touch with us or write an e-mail to