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About Svayam

Svayam-Dignity for people with reduced mobility

Svayam an initiative of S. J. Charitable Trust has been working towards providing independence and dignity to people with reduced mobility. Svayam has been engaged in making various public places accessible to all especially the elderly and the disabled.

Svayam is spearheaded by Ms. Sminu Jindal as its Chairperson, who herself is a wheelchair user due to a car accident at the age of eleven year that left her paraplegic and has personal experiences of the trials and tribulations of people with reduced mobility due to absence of enabling and inclusive environment around them. Her experiences lead to a focused action plan of Svayam to promote accessibility in community infrastructure, by way of access audits/appraisals of the public infrastructure and suggesting the access solutions to make these places barrier free and accessible to all.

This initiative aims at not only generating awareness about the trials and tribulations of reduced mobility populace (that includes the elderly, expecting mothers, mothers with new born babies as well as toddlers and the physically challenged) but also mould public and policy makers opinion in favour of public private participation in providing and executing accessibility solutions.

Even though public places are supposed to provide accessible infrastructure as per mandate of laws like PWD Act, adoption and ratification of UNCRPD, Disability Rights and Law and various other government initiatives, the ground reality presents a different story all together.

Svayam steps in to fill the gap by way of undertaking audits, identifying problem areas, developing strategies to overcome the same as per international standards of accessibility and universal design and handhold the implementation process to ensure the accurate execution.

Svayam has worked closely with government agencies such as NDMC, ITDC, DTC, ASI  and corporates like ITC Hotels, Hyatt Regency New Delhi, to name a few.

Svayam is also working hand in hand with Ministry of Tourism in their endeavour to promote Inclusive Tourism. ASI and Svayam jointly received the national award from the ministry of tourism for making Qutb Minar the first fully accessible heritage site in India

With stepped up advocacy for universal access in the built environment, Svayam has been instrumental in influencing policy makers to incorporate steps to meet the rising demands of INCLUSIVITY FOR ALL.